If You Need to File a Lawsuit

Bastrop Civil Litigation Attorneys

If you have a claim in which a lawsuit needs to be filed, a civil litigation attorney will interview you to develop a deep understanding of the facts of your case in order to determine each cause of action (or claim) that you can assert against one or more other parties to recover your damages and/or to obtain an injunction.

A cause of action is the specific legal claim that you can make against another person or business entity. Each cause of action has specific elements that must be proved in order to win the case. An experienced civil litigation attorney will work with you to develop the facts of your case and review the important documents in order to determine which cause(s) of action should be asserted and which causes of action should be avoided.

Once the causes of action have been selected, your lawyer will prepare a petition to be filed on your behalf in the proper court. After that, the parties, through their lawyers, will further develop the facts of the case through the “discovery” process where information and documents are exchanged as the case moves toward the trial date.

As a general rule, very few cases actually go to trial. Most cases are resolved by settlement after the case has been developed and the facts become more clear. On the other hand, some cases don’t settle and they have to go to trial.

Our firm regularly represents parties to file all types of civil litigation matters in Texas courts including divorce and family law matters, business disputes, breaches of contract, civil fraud and deceptive trade practices, real estate and boundary disputes, and injury claims.