Do I Need a Will?

The answer for most people is “absolutely!” A Will makes things so much simpler and less expensive for the surviving family members.

A Will allows you to specify exactly what happens to your property. You can determine who gets what. You can even determine who gets nothing if (you wish).

Wills are the most fundamental and best-known estate planning tools available. They have been in use since ancient times. In addition to determining exactly what happens to your property, you can even determine who will be the Executor of your estate—thereby placing that responsibility on the person who is best suited to handle it.

Another excellent reason to have a Will is because a person who dies without a Will has no say-so as to what happens to his or her estate. When there is no Will, the estate’s property is strictly distributed under the Texas rules of intestate succession as set out in the Texas Estates Code. That’s right. Texas law controls when there is no Will. The results can be harsh and unforgiving.

The cost of having a Will professionally prepared is minimal compared to the cost to the surviving family members in having to litigate the estate in the probate court when there is no Will. The process can be time-consuming and expensive. It often results in hostility among the heirs who find out their inheritance will be quite different than expected.

 Our Wills attorneys can walk you through the process and then prepare a customized Will just for you and your particular needs and circumstances