Patent, Trademark & Copyright (OLD)

Derek Van Gilder is a both a lawyer and an engineer with decades of experience in intellectual property law. When you need an experienced intellectual property attorney to register or enforce your intellectual property rights, you can rely on Derek Van Gilder.

Do you have a patented invention that is being illegally exploited by someone else? If so, you may be entitled to recover significant money damages and attorney fees from all persons who have violated your patent rights.  You have a legal obligation to timely enforce your patent rights in order to preserve the ownership of your intellectual property.  You need an experienced and aggressive patent enforcement lawyer to enforce your rights.

Derek Van Gilder is an experienced patent lawyer who has patented his own inventions and who has obtained patents for clients.  He is an aggressive litigator who will use all available legal options to enforce your intellectual property rights against any and all parties improperly profiting from your work.