Breach of Contract Lawyers

Breach of Contract Lawyers

When it is necessary to enforce your rights under a contract, the breach of contract lawyers at the Law Office of Derek R. Van Gilder will aggressively protect your legal rights. Texas law sets out the procedures required to enforce a contract and, in most cases, the right to recover attorney fees against the party who breached the contract.

Contract enforcement can often be accomplished without the necessity of filing a lawsuit. However, if it is necessary to file a lawsuit in your case, our breach of contract lawyers have the contract litigation experience you need to protect and enforce your legal rights.

If you have suffered harm because another party breached a contract, it's important to begin assembling your evidence right away, by doing the following:

  • Write out the facts in detail now in order to record your memory (you won't remember the facts as clearly months from now);
  • Safeguard the written contract (if any) by placing it in a large envelope or protective plastic sleeve to ensure it is not lost or damaged (this includes any attachments, amendments, schedules, and other documents that go with the contract);
  • Save all paper documents and things related to the both the contract itself and to negotiations of the contract;
  • Save all text messages and emails related to the contract matter, and print them to PDF and to paper. If necessary, text messages may be retrieved from your cell phone carrier in many cases; 
  • Make a written list of the identify (name, address, telephone number, and email address) of all persons who may have any knowledge about the relevant events; and
  • Make a written list of all the ways you have been harmed by the other party's breach of contract.

That evidence will help us evaluate your case and to advise you accordingly. That evidence will also help us to settle your case (if possible) or to present your case at trial.

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