Defense in Breach of Contract Cases

Defense in Breach of Contract Cases

Is another party claiming that you breached a valid contract?  

Has a lawsuit been filed against you for breach of contract?  

If so, Texas law provides that you may be liable for performing your duties under the contract and/or for paying money damages to the party making the claim against you. Additionally, you may be liable for payment of the other party’s attorney fees and court costs.

It is important that you hire an experienced breach of contract defense lawyer to protect your legal rights as soon as possible. The breach of contract defense lawyers at the law office of Derek R. Van Gilder will aggressively defend your legal rights in order to avoid an adverse judgment when possible, or to defeat or minimize the amount of money damages you could become obligated to pay.

You should contact a lawyer immediately--even if you have not already been sued. In most cases, you will receive a written notice letter from the other party (or their attorney). That notice letter triggers an opportunity to try to settle the case without the filing of a lawsuit, and before either party has to pay significant attorney fees. An experienced breach of contract defense lawyer will make the most of that opportunity.

If you dispute the allegation that you breached the contract, your attorney will use that opportunity to demonstrate to the other party (or their lawyer) that their allegation is incorrect. Sometimes these matters arise from a simple misunderstanding.

If you did, in fact, breach the contract, there may be several legal defenses available to avoid, or at least minimize, your potential liability. It takes a lawyer experienced in these cases to identify those defenses (if any) and to position your case to take advantage of that opportunity.

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